10 associations working for peace in the world

10 associations working for peace in the world

There are many associations working for peace in the world. Discover on this article the most popular.

The associations working for peace in the world

1- International crisis Group (ICG)

ICG is a non-profit, non-governmental peace organization with regional programs in many parts of the world. It involves tracking risks of breaches of peace globally through a detailed analysis of potential conflicts in a country. It is also in charge of advancing precaution measures to manage conflicts with peace negotiations and round-table discussions.

2- Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace

It is headquartered in Monrovia, Liberia, this association deals with enhancing women's rights. It aims at resolving women abuses with non-violent measures like peaceful demonstrations. It empowers women to mobilize their efforts, regardless of their religious affiliation, to speak out against the threat of a curse and forced sex.

3- World Friendship Crusade

Based in Paraguay, this peace organization aims at cultivating the culture of peace through friendship. It consists of promoting global harmony among people through gift exchange, wishes and celebrations on Friendship Day. Invisible fiends also contribute to this event.

4- Institutions for Economics and Peace

Based in Sydney, Australia, this organization sponsors peacekeeping efforts to promote economic development. By analyzing the cultural, political and economic risk factors of a country, it manages to propose peaceful resolutions to address conflicts.

5- International Peace Bureau (IPB)

Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1910, IPB has worked for peace building since 1891. This anti-war organization advocates socio-economic development and prompts the governments in the world to invest in job creation, health care and fight against illiteracy.


The Prem Rawat Foundation or TPRF is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It was founded by the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat. It fosters the culture of peace through its Peace Education Program, encouraging the use of internal resources. By teaching people to discover their inner potential, the program enables participants to hope for harmony and have choice in the society they live in.

Its "Food for People" targets at providing food aid to deprived people. It aims at improving education and finding ways to develop the economy and health care of impoverished people.

It also conducts humanitarian activities with different purposes. For example, TPRF provides grants to bring relief to hurricane victims in the Bahamas. It also organizes various peacekeeping initiatives to nurture peace. The ambassador of peace also publishes articles to advocate peace like "Looking for Peace", which is made available at the public library in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The Foundation has also helped inmates find their inner peace and internal strength through the Peace Education Program in electronic tablets distributed to them.

Other peace organizations

7- International Commission on Peace and Food (ICPF)

It is a non-governmental organization aiming at eradicating arms race and enhancing economic development in the world. ICPF is based in India.

8- Oslo Center

It strives to build a peaceful world. It takes initiatives to promote human rights and enhances religious freedom in the world. Its head office is in Norway.

9- Soviet Peace Committee (SPC)

It is responsible for reducing civilian conflicts and terminating wars in the Soviet Union. It is also in charge of peacekeeping efforts in the world.

10- Non-violence International South East Asia (NISEA)

It is involved with peaceful management of conflicts and wars through peace talks and negotiations. It also focuses on restoring human rights and renewing policies and laws to promote non-violence.

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